1. What do I get with my advertisement? Your listing gets Nationwide coverage making your listing available to anyone searching the web for a long or short term rental property.

  2. Does my advertisement have its own address? Yes

  3. How difficult is it to list my advertisement using your web site? After you log on to the site it only takes a few moments and is easy to add your listing.

  4. Do my pictures have to be in a certain format before I can upload them? They need to be .jpg (maximum size 2MB).

  5. How can I contact you? Just log on to and you will find the contact area.

  6. What do I do if I need help listing my advertisement? If you cannot find your answer in the help area, you can contact us with your specific question.

  7. What do you do with my personal information, like my email address or my credit card information? We do not sell your information. Our site is a secure site.

  8. Do you have your own availability calendar? Yes and you can update as often as you need to.

  9. How do I list my advertisement? After you log in, it is an easy process to list your property. It only takes a few moments and you can change your listing as needed at anytime.

  10. Can you create my advertisement for me? No, as we do not know your property or area, it will be up to you to add your listings.

  11. How can I update my advertisement? Your listing can be updated at anytime, as many times as you need. Just login to your online control panel.

  12. How can I pay? You can pay on our secure line by Mastercard, Visa or check.

  13. What does it cost to search There is no cost to search It is free to all who use it to search for rentals.

  14. How soon will my vacation rental be listed? Within minutes of your entry.

  15. Does warrant or verify the listing information on this website? No

  16. What role does play in taking reservations for my rental? None. All inquiries go directly to you via our site keeping your email information private. You can then phone or email back to your inquiries.

  17. How often can I make changes to my vacation rental listing page? You can change your photos, calendar or listing information as often as needed.

  18. How do I add photos to my rental listing? You can include up to 7 photos to your listing at anytime. Just login to your online control panel.

  19. How do I log in? Just go to, go to the login area and use the login name and password you specified at sign up.

  20. Can I change my photos in the future? Yes at anytime.